Rohnert Park Golf

Golf is a huge part of the culture in Sonoma County, and Rohnert Park actively participates in that pastime. Rohnert Park is home to a great golf club known as the Foxtail. The Foxtail has two different 18 hole golf courses, making it a great location for golf tournaments and events. The courses are open to the public and offer just the right amount of challenge to the golfers. The club offers lessons and clinics with multiple experienced golf trainers, as well.


A unique part of the Foxtail Golf Club is its offer of “footgolf.” Footgolf is a combination of soccer and golf, a game where players use soccer balls on a traditional golf course. The rules are more similar to golf than soccer, though the holes are about half the distance of a regular golf hole. The game is a really fun and unique take on two of the most popular sports in Rohnert Park. Give it a try!