Rohnert Park Late Night Bites

Though typically known as more of a quiet town, Rohnert Park actually has quite a few dining establishments open well past dinner hours. If you are struck with a sudden inspiration for some delicious food late at night, check out these great restaurants.


M.Y. China is a fun and delicious restaurant in Rohnert Park. The food is inspired by the owners’ years of traveling throughout China and is enhanced by the entertaining style of preparing food. The chefs of the restaurant prepare meals in front of their patrons so they can watch how everything is crafted to perfection. The restaurant offers traditional Chinese cuisine prepared using modern techniques. The best part? M.Y. China is open until midnight on weekends and 11:00 PM on weekdays.


At Black Bear Diner, enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert anytime of the day. The Black Bear Diner is a traditional Rohnert Park establishment, having been in town since 1995. The owners opened the diner with the intention of rekindling the traditional friendliness of the businesses in Strawberry Valley. The building, menu, and service were all designed to reflect the old-fashioned values of the town. Black Bear Diner serves traditional American comfort food like chicken pot pie, meat, potatoes, and fried chicken. The restaurant is open until 10:00 PM every night and is also offered to-go.


For a hot and delicious slice of pizza, check out Mary’s Pizza Shack. Mary’s is a great family place, as well as a popular choice for a good meal and a cocktail. Mary’s has more than pizza–patrons can indulge in pasta dishes, salads, and soups as well. The restaurant has a full bar, television sets, a quaint patio setting, and is open until 11:00 PM on the weekends and 10:30 PM on weekdays.


There are also the trusty chain restaurants Shari’s Diner and In-N-Out, both open very late.