Rohnert Park Arts & Entertainment

Rohnert Park has an abundance of arts and entertainment opportunities in their community. There are multiple art centers and academies, as well as events and festivals throughout the year. Though there are plenty of options for you and your family, here are just a few of our favorite arts and entertainment venues in the city.

The Spreckels Performing Arts Center is a facility in Rohnert Park that consistently provides the community with entertaining performances by local actors and actresses. The center offers lectures, theatrical and musical performances as well as various events, galas, and auctions throughout the year. Spreckels is a community favorite and is sure to provide entertainment to everyone who ventures into the center.

At McGrath’s Performing Arts Academy, enjoy one of the three musical theatre productions put on throughout the year, as well as a variety of other theatrical performances. McGrath’s is not just a performance center, but a school of music, dance, and theater, as well. McGrath’s was founded in 2008 and has since encouraged and inspired its students to follow their artistic passion. The directors and trainers of McGrath’s work with the students to perfect their talents, theatrical range, and dedication. The academy is a great example of Rohnert Park’s compassion for children, as well as a wonderful experience for the community.

Throughout the year, Rohnert Park has plenty of events and festivals that celebrate arts and the entertainment scene in the community. Keep up on the calendar of events and don’t miss the fun!