Rohnert Park Neighborhoods

Rohnert Park was specifically designed for families, encouraging friendliness and comfort with the well kept streets in the neighborhoods. All of Rohnert Park’s neighborhoods have bike and walking trails, beautiful trees and flowers, and farms lining the outskirts of town. Each neighborhood in the city has a park and a school nearby, further pushing the importance of family and community. All of the neighborhoods in Rohnert Park set their focus on the children in the community. The city and all of its neighborhoods have athletic facilities, nonprofit organizations, volunteer events, and great schools.


Rohnert Park is divided into 16 distinct neighborhoods. They are as follows:


East Rohnert Park


Neighborhood A


Neighborhood B


Neighborhood C


Neighborhood D


Neighborhood E


Neighborhood F


Neighborhood G


Neighborhood H


Neighborhood L


Neighborhood M


Neighborhood R


Neighborhood S


Rohnert Park City Center


Southeast Rohnert Park


West Rohnert Park